Daughters of Faith Apparel has officially launched!

Daughters of Faith Apparel has officially launched!

Hiii I’m so glad your here! This is a little bit of my story. The beginning, the middle and the now. 

      When I first started Daughters of Faith I was expecting it to more of a hobby/side gig, but it has become my passion! I love being able to help mamas and daughters bond through custom apparel made specifically for them! Now You'll find me working crazy hours all throughout the night and absolutely loving it! Running my own business has had its challenges, but I’m learning to overcome any obstacle that gets in my way to make sure that Daughters of Faith succeeds. I am not only betting on my company, but I am betting on myself! I truly believe that this is where God has called me in this season of my life, and I’m going to give it my everything! Thank you for being here through this journey I could not have gone this far without my amazing customers who have become friends! 

Love Allie🤍

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